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Whether or not you shoot or wish to work your dog, the solid discipline and good manners of Charlie’s dogs makes them a very different and much more rewarding prospect than your average family pet. We wanted a young dog but circumstances meant that a newborn pup was not feasible. Expert advice from Charlie and his team led us to Bagel (litter siblings Waffle, Crumpet and Pancake), an 18-month-old springer. She is our second from Mordor and is an absolute delight at home and with the family, having made a seamless transition into our household. Our regular visits and lessons prior to handover made it all a particularly smooth experience. Bagel settled with us quickly and is equally at content in town, on a beach, climbing hills or hunting through cover. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mordor Gundogs and am very pleased once again to have one of their alumni in the family.

Edinbugh, UK

Mouse is an incredible gundog, as well as a gentle and excellent pet with our baby. Charlie has been so helpful and always available for advice and help.


Ricebridge Farm

Surrey, UK

We had our first driven day today and little Buddy was great. A cocker spaniel sitting off the lead at the peg…what a good job you have done. Thanks!


Border Driveways

Stowe, UK

We went to see Charlie following a recommendation from friends. Having discussed our requirements carefully with us, Charlie advised that given the ages of our children (then 6 and 10) and the fact that we had no experience of dog ownership, a Labrador would be a good fit for our family. We knew that we couldn’t take on the training of a puppy because we lacked the time and the skills required, so the option of buying a trained dog was perfect for us. After regular visits to the kennels to participate in her training and get to know her, we collected 10-month-old black Labrador Maggie from Mordor Gundogs in October 2021. She has quickly become an integral part of our family. Our two children adore her. Charlie and Cat at Mordor have done a fantastic job with her. They are always available for any questions we have and Cat has even visited Maggie in our home to help with settling her in. Maggie has returned to Mordor for residential training several times since then when we have gone on holiday which is really convenient, and she always comes back having unlearned the bad habits we have taught her! Maggie is a patient, sweet natured and affectionate dog and a great addition to our family. We would not hesitate to recommend Mordor Gundogs to anyone considering buying a dog.

Edinbugh, UK

“Everything is going fantastically well, we are delighted with Bovril! Thanks for all you extra advice with regards to settling her into the house, etc. She is getting 3 to 5 days shooting a week and is behaving impeccably. Really, I would like to raise a complaint but well I can’t. We are absolutely delighted with her.”


Dumfriesshire, UK

Marmite is settling in a treat, the way she acts you’d think she’s been here for years. We’ve had no problems with her discipline whatsoever, nor has she messed indoors. She knows exactly what you’re asking her to do usually before you even ask her. I still can’t believe how lovely her nature is. She’s never happier than when she’s up to her belly in gorse and swamp, which is great fun until she gets back in the house and fancies a snooze on the sofa! Just thought I’d say thanks for selling her to us as were getting endless pleasure from her, which is down to the way you’ve brought her up. Anyone whose seen her is amazed at her intelligence, obedience and good nature. Thanks again!

Ayrshire, UK

“I took Sam shooting this weekend and on the first day, he was disoriented and didn’t do well at all. I came to realise that all the new scents, terrain, birds, etc. must have been confusing because on the second and third days, he was fantastic. He has a great nose and doesn’t break until I send him. Very, very happy with him. He’s part of the family and even sleeps in our room.”

Houston, USA

Canine Partners is very pleased to be associated with Charlie Thorburn, breeder and trainer, and most grateful for the practical support he has shown in offering a fine young dog to us – to train as an assistance dog – helping to open doors for independence for people with disabilities. We depend upon splendid people like Charlie to help the Charity in its mission to transform peoples’ lives. Our dogs are trained over two years, to learn up to a hundred discrete commands and not only provide practical assistance to their human ‘partner(s)’, but also companionship and therapeutic benefit. Our dogs pay for themselves six times over in social care terms. Recruiting dogs like those bred by Charlie Thorburn means we can depend upon quality and consistency and ensure the best possible outcome for our canine partners and their human recipients.


Canine Partners

West Sussex, UK

“We bought Zulu, a two year old black Labrador last year. He is beautifully behaved and has a wonderful nature. Our son says he is like our new child!”


The Spott Estate

Dunbar, UK / DENMARK

“Dolly is a wonderful dog. I love her and thank you for not only breeding and training such a magnificent dog, but also for your time spent with us in America.”


Mill Plain Vets

Connecticut, USA

Little Kora is very happy. She’s sweet, active, and very well adapted to her new circumstances. We look forward to shooting with her.



Every dog-owner duo is an opportunity to further develop our expertise.

Polly, the English springer spaniel

I first met Charlie through a close friend when he delivered her a trained dog over to the US. The following year, when I lost my old springer, I decided to contact Charlie and arranged a trip to Scotland to meet some of his dogs. There at Mordor Gundogs I had the opportunity to watch him work. I was incredibly impressed by all that I saw. The devotion and skill that goes into what he and his staff do with the dogs convinced me, so I booked Polly there and then. He advised she would be ready to come to me 6 months later. All arrangements for transportation and delivery were made by Charlie and, as promised, in due time he and Polly arrived. Charlie spent a week working the dog and showing me the commands over and over again. From day one, she was never a mess or a problem. As Charlie always says “There is no such thing as bad dogs – just bad owners!”

Polly easily became a loved member of our family and since she joined us, we have now requested another springer from Charlie. He and the team deserve to do very well and I will strive to help it happen. What started of as a business deal, has become the start of a hopefully life long friendship.

DARREN BEYLOUNI   |   Connecticut, USA

Mango, the red labrador

I have shot for many years and the idea of having a companion gundog has always been in my mind. A friend introduced me to Mordor Gundogs and put me in touch with Charlie, and I arranged to go see him and the dogs. Growing up my parent owned so many beloved great labradors, so I had my mind set on getting one myself. Charlie appeared out of the kennels with probably 6 or 7 labs of all colours and ages. As he talked me through the different dogs I could not take my eyes of this beautiful fox red one. The dog was flashy, very keen, and yet so focused on Charlie. So Mango it was!

Charlie told me in no uncertain terms that Mango was very special to him. He was born almost dead and with a great deal of care and the kiss of life Mango survived. Because of this he said I had to earn Mango and show my commitment. I travelled up from my home 2.5 hours away almost every week for 2 months until I was able to take Mango out alone. I would work him with Charlie watching from a distance behind a tree, so Mango could not see him. Finally, when the time was right, he came home!

A while after we revisited Mordor Gundogs. The minute Mango clapped eyes on Charlie I may as well not existed. However, it made us happy seeing how devoted to Charlie he still was that makes one realise how well these dogs must be cared for.

Mango has now had a number of days shooting with me. He is fantastic, a star in the field! I cannot recommend Charlie enough.

KEVIN FINNIE   |    Ayrshire, UK


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